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Nature meets science, cleanse while hydrating your hair with its plant base of palm and coconut. This is a vegan, 100% cruelty free, clean of harsh chemicals (no parabens/sulfates/ mineral oil/gluten/ ammonia/ PPD) beauty line that our Top Pick Celeb Luxury has to offer.


Moisturewash Shampoo

Alternate Moisturewash with Colorwash every other shampoo to MAINTAIN color vibrancy on all hair types. Perfectly paired with Blonditioner or Bondfix Strengthening Conditioner.

How to use: Wet hair, lather, rinse, repeat if necessary and follow with Blonditioner or Bondfix Strengthening Conditioner. 

Blonditioner Conditioner

Conditioner for after you shampoo, for use on all hair types. Can also be used as a pre-wash conditioner to even out porosity on damaged hair before using Colorwash.


Colorwash Shampoo (Viral or Gemlites)

Maintain, refresh, or change color and add shine on bleached or color treated blonde or brown hair in 2-5 minutes alternating Colorwash with Moisturewash every other shampoo. (VIRAL SHAMPOO WILL HAVE NO RESULTS ON VIRGIN DARK BROWN OR BLACK HAIR Gemlites can be used) Perfectly paired with Colorconditioner or Bondfix Strengthening Conditioner.

How to use: Pro Tip For maximum color depositing effect of the pastels apply like a color on dry hair and let sit for 20 mins, apply water and lather let sit for another 5, rinse and follow with Colorconditioner with Bondfix for added vibrancy, durability and repair benefits. For color durability between salon visits simply wet hair lather Colorwash let sit for 2-5 minutes rinse (a secondary wash can be done for added vibrancy) follow up with Colorconditioner for maximum results and bond building capability. 


Colorconditioner with Bond Fix                    (Gemlites or Viral)

Two for one!! Maintain, refresh, or change your color for any hair type while repairing your hair with Bond Fix built right in!

How to use: On freshly cleansed hair squeeze out excess water, even distribute Colorconditioner on hair combing through  with a wide tooth comb for even coverage, leaving on for 5-20 minutes for maximum color depositing effect. Perfectly paired with Viral Colorwash or Shinewash 

BondFix Strengthening Conditioner with Bond Repair 

Counteracts the effects of environmental, bleached, coloured, fragile, dry, or damaged hair.


Extreme Smoothing Styler

For added moisture support and help fight frizz use the Leave-in cream conditioner styler.


All come in clear or a multitude of tonalités (excluding styler) to enhance, correct, or change your hair color. Amazingly moisturizing, shine enhancing and by far the Gold Medalist of home color care!🌟👏🌟👏🌟👏 🌟

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