Celeb Luxury Viral Colorconditioner with Bondfix Viral Purple


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Nature meets science, cleanse while hydrating your hair with its plant base of palm and coconut. This is a vegan, 100% cruelty free, clean of harsh chemicals (no parabens/sulfates/ mineral oil/gluten/ ammonia/ PPD) beauty line that our Top Pick Celeb Luxury has to offer.

Two for one!! Maintain, refresh, or change your color for any hair type while repairing your hair with Bond Fix built right in!

How to use: On freshly cleansed hair squeeze out excess water, even distribute Colorconditioner on hair combing through  with a wide tooth comb for even coverage, leaving on for 5-20 minutes for maximum color depositing effect. Perfectly paired with Viral Colorwash or Shinewash 

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